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Guaranteed! Make Evenings At Your Place The Most Fun You And Your Friends Will Ever Have
Live-Fire Entertaining At Its Finest.

New Zealand hand-made craftsmanship gives you the most premium quality and beautiful looking fire pit. Which means you are always proud to light it up and enjoy for years to come with friends and family.

Little to no smoke! Where typical firepits heat the timber to give off excess gasses, yet the flame doesn't burn it - the Smokeless Fire Pit burns almost all of the gasses in the fuel! No more teared-up eyes or changing seat

You can light your fire quickly and easily in a way that would typically blow out or blow over in a traditional fire pit, in a small amount of wind. This means if its your type of weather to be outdoors, then you can enjoy fire too!

Turn your Smokelis into a live fire outdoor entertainment hub.

A great range of accessories make your outdoor living experience one-of-a-kind with grilling and heating accessories that mean you always have a great time!

"We love our fire pit! Everything from chicken, beef, lamb and to S mores have been cooked on it and then you can comfortably sit around it to keep warm. Without the smoke!! " - Glyn Flutey

"Awesome fire, have been smashing it. get one, you will love it. Great people to deal with too" - Scott Sanders

"We love our Smokelis Fire Pit. One of the best things we have ever bought. We've used it so many times since we purchased and cook on it as often as we can. No smoke and the way the smash plate slopes ever so slightly is magic!" - Antoinette Miller

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Smokelis Kindle - Fire

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Smokelis Kindle - Grill

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Smokelis Gather - Fire

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Smokelis Gather - Grill

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